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Kitchen Heat: Fiction authors McFall and Hays talk about restaurant culture and the power of love.

Authors and publishers Kathleen McFall and Clark Hays have been writing together for over two decades. They've just debuted their eleventh novel, Kitchen Heat: A Restaurantland Romance. The novel takes place at the fictional Rose and Thorn restaurant and is based in part on their own "meet cute" story at Portland's Old Wives' Tale restaurant. In this interview with Hot House host and author Patrick Howard, McFall and Hays discuss their previous ten novels (including the Cowboy and the Vampire series, the Bonnie and Clyde series, and the Mars Trilogy) and the joys and challenges of writing as a team. They also discuss the history of their successful publishing house, Pumpjack Press, and share their insights on the place of independent publishers in today’s literary scene. McFall and Hays are very supportive of up-and-coming writers and publishers and are happy to share their knowledge and expertise. They can be reached through their website:



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